14 things you should NEVER say to someone from Scotland

5. “Your favourite movie must be Braveheart, right?”

The film ‘Braveheart’ was an instant classic when it came out in 1995, and you won’t hear a lot of “whinging” (complaining) about it here. However, the likelihood of it being a Scottish person’s favourite movie? Low. Also, since we’re on the topic, be prepared for a sea of embarrassed stares if you yell “freeeeeeeedom!”

6. “We don’t accept Scottish money here.”

In Scotland, we have many different banknotes to England, sporting designs from Clydesdale Bank, The Bank of Scotland, and The Royal Bank of Scotland. We also use Bank of England notes too. While perusing shops in England, you may hear a Scot claim “that’s legal tender” and now you know why. It’s known to be rejected.

7. “You’re ‘Scotch’.”

When referring to the Scottish population, ‘Scots’ or ‘the Scottish’ are the group terms we use. Scotch, however, is the whisky. Therefore, unless you’re attempting some sort of commentary about drinking habits, make sure you remember that the ‘Scots’ are not ‘Scotch’.

8. “Aren’t Ireland and Scotland like the same country?”

You’ve encountered a Scot, picked up on the accent, and assumed they’re Irish. It’s an understandable mistake as Scotland and Ireland share a Celtic past that spans back centuries. However, the two are definitely not the same country and the accents still differ greatly to one another.

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