14 things you should NEVER say to someone from Scotland

9. “Wow you’re Scottish, I love Highlanders.”

Not all Scots, especially throughout history, were Highlanders. There were also Lowlanders, who for great periods of time were at odds with the Highlanders whom they did not associate with. Lowlanders were known for being more similar to the English in that they did not operate under clan systems.

10. “You don’t have a Scottish accent!”

Eh, says who hen? Anyone who has lived in Scotland for a while will tell you that Scottish accents, while weird and wonderful, are also very diverse. You can travel 5 miles in the country and be welcomed by a totally unique accent unlike the last one. Also, do remember that one guy from ‘Austin Powers’ is not an accurate comparison to typical Scottish accents.

11. “Irn Bru? Yeah I don’t like that stuff.”

Now, academics may say “there’s no such thing as a wrong opinion” but sometimes a line must be drawn. Scots are proud of their orange, carbonated “national drink” and will want to share it with you with great pride. Even the royal family are in on it, Prince William himself said he could “taste the girders” (a reference to Irn Bru’s historical slogan: “Made in Scotland from Girders.”)

12. “Wow, that’s a nice skirt you’ve got on!”

Bravo! You’ve astutely observed the aesthetic similarities between the Scottish kilt and a skirt, you may be the first. However, a kilt and a skirt are not the same thing (even if they look like it!) The word “kilt” is an old Scots word that means “to tuck clothes around the body.”

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