14 things you should NEVER say to someone from Scotland

13. “Och aye the noo!” (or any cliche Scots phrase variation)

This means “oh yes just now” in the Scots language. This stereotypical Scottish phrase seems to be beloved by many of Scotland’s visitors, including English people. However, despite what you saw on TV, this is not a commonly used expression. So if you’re going to belt it out in your best Billy Connolly impression be prepared for the likely outcome of cringe.

14. “Why is Haggis So Disgusting You Weirdo?”

Grow up.

Haggis is tasty. It’s made of weird stuff, but it’s tasty. Never before have mashed up organs (which are wrapped in a sheep’s stomach) been so delicious.

Yeah, I get it – it’s a strange national dish. But don’t let the horror stories deter you. After you’ve had one little taste, you’ll be shipping countless kilos of the stuff back home.

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