15 Scottish place names that people struggle to pronounce

Scotland is known for it’s beautiful and unique place names that even some locals have trouble pronouncing—here is a rundown of 15 towns and villages you might struggle to say.
Ecclefechan is one of many place names in Scotland you might have a hard time pronouncing (Image: Colin Smith / Fork Ahead)

This small village in Dumfries and Galloway is pronounced Eck-el-feck-han.

Every country in the world has place names that are difficult to pronounce even to people from there, and Scotland is no different.

It is common for locals to make fun of tourists pronouncing Edinburgh or Glasgow wrong, but there are many towns and villages that even Scots have a hard time getting right.

From Hawick to Wemyss Bay, even names that look easy to say on first glance may trip you up the first time you try to pronounce it. In some cases, even sounding out each syllable won’t help you.


Findochty is a fishing village near Buckie in Moray, and is pronounced Fin-eck-tay.

Garioch is one of six committee areas in Aberdeenshire. While you may think it is pronounced Garry-och, it is actually Gee-ree.


Looking at the name of this village and parish in Fife, you probably would not guess that it is pronounced Kin-uck-ar.

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