18 Magical Scottish Baby Names That Will Make You Want To Have Children

Should your baby be a Liùsaidh or a Lachlan?
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Pronunciation: LOO-sai. A beautiful, Gaelic version of the Italian name Lucia, meaning graceful light. It’s pronouced a little like Lucy, but with more of a flourish. For a little girl with perfect elegance and poise.

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Pronunciation: AHR-an. Arran is the name of a stunning, mountainous island in the Firth of Clyde, whose name means “peaked” or “high place”. For a rugged, adventurous, outdoorsy little boy.

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Pronunciation: EYE-la. The name Isla derives from one of Scotland’s most beautiful islands, Islay, which is often referred to as “The Queen of the Hebrides.” For a girl who will take on the world, and win.

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Pronunciation: OOSH-jun. This lyrical name is a Gaelic version of the Norse name Eysteinn, meaning “eternal stone”. For a kind and reliable little boy who is always solid as a rock.

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