20 The Dirtiest Wedding Photos Ever Taken

Weddings are supposed to be all about class, style, and sophistication, but dirty wedding photos demonstrate how the institution of marriage truly differs from couple to couple. An open bar coupled with two lifetimes worth of friends and family creates the perfect conditions for wedding photo fails and weird wedding photos. These are wedding photos gone wrong, in ways you probably never realized they could go. Groping, bridesmaids showing off their panties, and bridge and groom blow job simulations comprise just a few of the funny things you’ll see in this gallery of the dirtiest wedding photos ever taken. Perhaps these couples are onto something, and these funny wedding photos simply show them for what they are: economical folks getting a head-start on the shenanigans of the honeymoon.


Bridesmaid Panty Raid

Checking For Purity

Going Into Marriage Head First

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