22+ Cringe worthy Texts Kids Accidentally Sent to Their Parents

As much as we hate it, it’s basically an unwritten rule that parents are meant to embarrass you. But with the development of technology and communication, there’s a whole new world of humiliation that’s been opened up—which is accidentally texting your parents something you shouldn’t have. From accidentally texting Dad instead of Dan, to unintentionally telling your mom you’re married, to sending your parents naughty Valentine’s Day memes by accident, check out these hilarious “Oops, wrong person!” mishap messages that kids sent to their parents.

2. Laughing Off the Mishaps
What a perfectly classic “Dad” way to respond to this text. Not only did he catch on that his kid meant to send that text to their S.O., but he even went ahead and shared the hilarious moment with Mommy.

What can we say? There’s just something so special and heart-warming when you see a family getting along so well together, laughing at their little mishaps.

3. A Cheeky, Yet Supportive Mom
Many people struggle with coming out and being open with their family about being LGBTQ and try to plan out the right moment to share this type of news. And it looks like this kid was nervous about letting their family know, but somehow let the cat out of the bag sooner than expected.

Thankfully Mom was there with a hilariously cheeky, yet heartwarmingly supportive reply.

4. Blame it on the Autocorrect
Melissa here supposedly sent her mother an accidental text message, stating that she would be providing the “green” party supplies for Christmas this year.
And since her mom clearly didn’t react well to it, Melissa had nothing else to do but settle down the situation and blame it on autocorrect, explaining that she meant to type that she’s bringing Doug, not dope.

5. Love Makes Us Do Crazy Things
We all know how romantic a plate of pasta can be and how it can bring all sorts of lovey, dovey feels.

Yet it looks like this kid got a little too excited for their special dinner, that they messed up and sent a message to their mom, instead of their significant other. Whoops!

At least they could laugh about it, instead of feeling shame.

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