22+ Cringe worthy Texts Kids Accidentally Sent to Their Parents

6. Dan Or Dad
It looks like Ashley almost got away with sending her dad an inappropriate makeshift emoji of letters, in hopes that he would actually believe that it was just a normal smiley (we’re gonna guess it was a combo of an eight, equals sign, and capital “D”).

Too bad it turned out he’s much savvier than expected, and grounded her instead.

7. Accidentally Texting Papadukes
Sometimes, it’s hard to really comprehend how someone can mess up sending a message to their mom or dad, instead of their significant other—especially when their dad is listed as Papaduke.

Oh well, it doesn’t really seem like it was that big of a deal. While Papadukes might be a little unnerved, it looks like his son has a nice sense of humor and can laugh off his embarrassing mistake.

8. Revealing Your Master Plan to Mom
This girl was so excited that she got away with sneaking out at night, that she accidentally texted her mother about it instead of her friend!

And the best part is that she even revealed her master plan to her mom, not yet realizing who she’s talking to. Whoops! It’s so hard to watch, but so hard not to laugh.

9. When Your Mom is Endearingly Innocent
There are all sorts of things that we don’t want our parents finding out. So there’s nothing like having a naïve mother, who just lets things fly over her sweet head, thinking her children are so innocent.

It’s clear that this kid isn’t talking about working out, that’s for sure. But Mom is so concerned for her kids’ wellbeing, that she seems to completely miss the innuendo.

10. World’s Greatest Dan
Anytime you upload and send an inappropriate picture or GIF to the wrong person, it’s just absolutely heart-shatteringly humiliating and even a little bit terrifying. So, can you imagine how mortified this girl was to send her dad this photo?

Pro tip: adding a last name (or even initials) to your contacts will help differentiate between “Dan” and “Dad” to avoid a mess like this in the future.

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