22+ Cringe worthy Texts Kids Accidentally Sent to Their Parents

11. Just Dew It
Well, well, well. What can we say? When Valentine’s Day comes around, and Cupid’s got you in a chokehold, it’s hard not to get consumed by all of the intimate, raunchy memes and greetings cards out there.

And while it’s pretty funny that this kid sent their father a punny Mountain Dew Valentine’s Day card there’s something else that seemed even funnier to us.

We love how the contact name for their dad is “Head Chief”. Amazing!

12. “Totally Not Supposed to b Texting u”
Clearly this person was trying to text their hot date about how delicious they look! So, what exactly were they doing texting their mom about it? Poor guy, this is definitely awkward and uncomfortable.

At least they both could laugh about it, and their mother took it with a grain of salt and tried to be light-hearted about it all!

13. Nervous but Excited
Usually our parents are there for us during big milestones. And we guess taking things to the next level with your boyfriend is definitely a big one.

There’s no doubt that this daughter wanted her father to be the last to know about it. Can you imagine just how morbidly embarrassed she was when she found out that she texted her dad instead of her friend? Yikes!

14. Like a Deer Caught in Textlights
Like a deer caught in headlights, many of us find it hard to think on our feet when caught by our parents doing something we shouldn’t have. Just like this kid who accidentally sent a text about getting some, what seems to be, illegal substances.

They clearly had an out and could’ve told their mother they’re just messing with her, but instead chose the worst strategy—telling the truth.

15. Too Excited to Speak Politely
Sometimes when we’re so excited about something, we can’t help but let loose and release a little bit of profanity out of pure enthusiasm. Right?

Of course, it’s not polite or respectful, but it seems like this kid was super stoked for cereal. Who can resist a bowl of delicious cheerios?

We just hope that they threw in a “please” or “sorry” once they responded back.

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