22+ Cringe worthy Texts Kids Accidentally Sent to Their Parents

16. Some Parents Do Understand
Sometimes, parents just don’t understand. But other times, they know just exactly what to say!

It looks like Katie here is pretty PO’ed at someone considering what she accidentally sent her dad. And instead of scolding her for feeling super aggressive, her dad decided to take a more supportive approach, and give her some dad-jokey type advice to help her through her times of trouble.

17. Wrong Group!
We really can’t think of anything more embarrassing than sending a message in the wrong group, especially when parents are involved.

But kudos to this lady right here, who was quick on her feet and sent a second message to lighten the mood.

We just hope this text isn’t the reason her boyfriend is now her ex.

18. It’s a smiley
We all know that you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but we have a feeling that this kid wasn’t on about Dan’s smile in the message that she accidentally sent to her father. To begin with, it seems as though her father doesn’t quite understand what’s going on.

And we bet that Ashley thought that she had got away with it. Unfortunately, her world soon came crashing down around her, and we bet she didn’t see Dan’s smile for a while after that.

19. An Awkward Autocorrect
This mess up is so bad, it even has us covering our faces with our hands from the cringey embarrassment. You can tell the utter fear and shame this daughter immediately felt, considering that she followed up her cringey text with an explanation in ALL-CAPS.

We feel for her. It’s times like these that the “delete message for everyone” could really come in handy!

20. Who’s Your Daddy
Looking at the timestamps from this conversation, we can guess that this texter was probably super tired when they sent this message which is probably why they ended up sending it to their dad and not their crush. Whoops!

But it looks like this kiddo was quick to cover up their mistake with quite an interesting excuse.

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