30 Hilarious Prom Photos That Nobody Will Ever Forget

25. ​Challenging Gender Norms
Nothing like taking every opportunity to challenge some societal rules, right? They are all just socially constructed anyway. So these teenagers totally rocked their “reversed” outfits when the guy decided to go for that wonderful corsage and dress, and the girl went for the suit.

And the best thing of all is that they did it all together, rocking it in the best ways possible.

26. ​Is That Barney?
We always suspected that Barney had a bit of a way with the ladies, and this photo is definitely proof of that. But what motivates someone to dress up as Barney for their prom is really beyond our understanding.

One thing’s for sure, everyone will certainly remember the guy/girl who decided to dress up as Barney for their prom, so at least there’s that. Whether they want it or not, the attention is all on them.

27. ​Another Angry Dad
Yet another angry dad who can’t seem to get over the fact that his daughter is all grown up. Apparently, this one is handling the situation a little bit more dangerously than the previous dad we featured.

This one actually chose to hold a freaking gun during her daughter’s photoshoot with her date, and we’re not sure whether we should laugh or cry about it.

28. ​Posing In Front Of Planned Parenthood
We absolutely love how this couple was able to use their sense of humor to create one of the most hilarious photos out there. They got all dressed up for prom and chose the perfect place to take their photos, planned parenthood.

The photoshoot ended up coming out full of irony, because we all know what some people love doing on prom night, wink wink!

29. ​A Really Furry Occasion
There are no words in this world that could accurately describe this situation. Okay, fine, maybe we can think of a few. The couple thought that maybe taking their prom photo next to the poor wall tiger would be a great idea, while holding their cat, of course!

We don’t exactly know what the deal is, but we’re pretty sure the picture would be much less creepy if they had smiled a bit or something.

30. Trying To Break Free-
So instead, he rocked up wearing an outfit that reminds us a bit of a ’70s rock band or something, or whatever he is trying to refer to.

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