50 Scottish People Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Their Sense Of Humor

hey say Scotland is a land of immeasurable beauty, inspiring history, and immense wit. To get a glimpse of the first two, you can watch Braveheart. But to experience the third, you can simply go on Twitter—some people even say Scottish Twitter is arguably the nation’s finest export. I know, you think it’s scotch, but scroll through this list and then we’ll talk.

The subreddit r/ScottishPeopleTwitter has been making headlines online since its creation in 2015. It started by collecting tweets like “maw bought aldi shower gel that smells like fairy liquid so I’ve been cutting about all day smelling like a f**ing plate” and “Can live wi paying 5p for one but am sick of having to f**in light the beacons of Gondor to summon someone anytime I want a bag in Asda” and quickly grew into a 700K-member community, enjoying a good laugh when they see one.

Expectations vs. Reality

Good Luck At School Today

Lightning Lizzie

Aye, Ye Pair Ay Bampots

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