These Dogs Have No Idea How They Got Themselves In These Hilarious Situations

Dogs have a habit of getting into trouble the moment your back is turned. Whether it’s finding their way into the snack cupboard or having a war with your favorite pillow, they are almost always up to something.
Sometimes though, even the cheekiest of dogs manage to well and truly out do themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest dog photos on the internet which have us asking “how did that happen?!”

Birthday Cake
If you have ever been to a surprise party, you won’t be unfamiliar with the reaction of total surprise when everybody jumps out from behind the furniture and the host walks out with a birthday cake.


This little pupper might be training to do tricks for treats but something tells us that he has no idea how he got in this ridiculous position.

In an attempt to do what could either be a hand stand or a rollie pollie, this doggo has ended up with its backend stuck up in the air and its face positively smushed against the floor. They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but it looks like puppies aren’t the best students either!

Totally Innocent
This puppy clearly got carried away when playing rough with his owner’s pillow. What started out as innocent tugging ultimately turned out to be a pretty conclusive round of puppy vs pillow.

Even though the pup has been literally caught in the act, he is still looking up at his owner with an innocent expression. Sure, he is surrounded by evidence of his destruction but those puppy dog eyes make it impossible not to forgive him for the fluffy mess he has made.

I’ll Make It Up To You
Imagine coming home to find the entire contents of your makeup bag floating in the toilet bowl. We’re not talking about your lipstick and an eyeshadow you don’t normally wear – we are talking about the entire contents. Nail varnish and all.

Stupid Cone
If you have ever had to take the dog to the vets and have them wear a cone, you will know that they absolutely hate it. Not only does it prevent them from scratching their itch, it also restricts their freedom.

Winter Ready
This dog destroyed a pillow but may have a harder time getting away with it. Judging by this picture, the fluffy mess was not a result of a rough and tumble gone wrong.

No, this dog’s destruction was calculated. Not only have they completely ruined a perfectly good pillow, they have actually gone to the effort of emptying it all over their cage. To be fair, this dog is pretty resourceful and at least now the owner doesn’t have to worry about them getting cold in the winter.

Peeping Toms
No one likes a peeping tom. Even worse than a peeping tom is a nosey neighbor, i.e. a neighbor who always likes to know what you are up to. Having a quiet afternoon in the garden? They’ll coincidentally pop their head over. Buying a new gnome set? The same set mysteriously appears in their garden a week later.

These nosey neighbors may be forgiven though, because their curiosity comes from a good place. They probably just want to check if anybody is around to play fetch.

This gorgeous Labrador had a little too much fun playing outside in the mud. His owners must have been looking the other way when he jumped into a muddy puddle, completely coating his feet and getting mud all over his face.

Napping On the Job
Offices often have their own rules but one which is generally shared across all jobs is that sleeping on the job is prohibited. It doesn’t matter how late you were out at the office party last night, laying your head down on the desk for a snooze is generally frowned upon behavior.

The Floor is Lava
Have you ever waited for your parents to leave the house so that you can play a game of “the floor is lava”? It involves clambering across sofas, stepping on tables, and generally climbing all the furniture your mom would never let you step on in a million years.

Joining In
This lovely dog looks like it decided to get involved with the pastel-colored hair trend. Periwinkle and bubblegum pink are so on trend right now – we’re loving the look.

Hanging Out
This owner thought her dog was barking “woof woof” but he was actually shouting “roof roof” because that is where he had accidentally found himself.

I’ll Bee Fine
This dog has not been photoshopped and it is also not an incredibly realistic cartoon. What has actually happened is that he has gotten curious about a bee buzzing past and has accidentally eaten it, not realizing that there would be a sting.

When it comes to what is going on in this photo, your guess is as good as ours.

Handbag Doggy
Handbag dogs are typically chihuahuas. They are tiny little things which get scooped up and popped in their owner’s handbag like a water bottle.

Putting Off Chores
No one likes doing chores. Washing up is something we resented as kids but as adults, emptying the dishwasher is just as tedious. In fact, many of us still find ourselves hunting for excuses to delay our chores.

Guilty Boys
Here we have another naughty doggo who is throwing the ole puppy dog eyes in the hope that it means he will get away with misbehaving.

Study Break
During exam time, taking a study break is vital for keeping sane. This means making sure that you take time to hydrate, have lunch, and take your eyes off the textbook for a minute.

Have you ever turned a cockroach on its back and watched it scramble frantically as it tries to flip over and get back on its feet?

Unlikely Friends
This black Labrador has somehow found himself on the back of a less-than-happy kitty. He looks totally innocent and is preventing the cat from going anywhere.

Working Doggo
Do you know how to touch type? This dog does. In fact, he’s so confident that not only is he not looking at the keyboard, he has his back to the screen as well.

When it comes to hair, we love a bit of volume. In fact, we often subscribe to the view that bigger is better. Tina Turner hair is the 80s dream.

Have you ever lost your remote control down the side of the sofa? We do it at least once a week. But have you ever lost your dog down the side of the sofa? No? Neither have we.

My Room, My Rules
This cheeky pup is down with a case of “my room, my rules.” His owner was trying to tidy up the house and put his toys in his bed where they belong.


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