8 Body Signs You Should Pay Attention To

Warning signs your body is showing that you should be aware of
Our bodies communicate with us for everything that happens to it. Whether we are healthy, it shows. On the other hand, when we have health issues, our bodies send signals for us to be aware.

1. Skin turning yellowish
Skin starting to turn yellowish may indicate liver problems, and it’s caused by jaundice. Because of high levels of bilirubin, our bodies cannot eliminate it. That is why the skin and the whites of the eyes have a yellow tone.
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2. White dots on the nails
If you have ever had white dots on your nails, that might have been from an injury. However, if it is not the case, it can indicate a zinc, calcium, or protein deficiency.
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3. Cracked lips
Cracks or blisters can appear because you might be dehydrated. On the other hand, you might be using the wrong lipstick.
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4. Clubbed fingernails
Clubbed fingernails are a typical sign of chronic lung problems, but they also can indicate gastrointestinal conditions. Nails become enlarged and curve downward if not treated in time.
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5. Canker sores
Sores inside the mouth can appear because of hormonal changes or emotional stress. Take vitamin B-12 in case of a deficiency – its lack can cause the sores, too.
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6. White bumps on the eyelid
The white bumps on your eyelids are called styes. They appear near your eyelashes sometimes if you have diabetes or dehydrated skin.
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7. Ring around your cornea
The grey or white ring around your cornea is called arcus senilis, deposits of fat. Even though elders get them often because of their age, their presence in your eyes can indicate high levels of cholesterol.
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8. A very bright red-colored tongue
A bright red-colored tongue can be an infection or a vitamin deficiency. Also, oral herpes can make the tongue have a bright color.
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