I flew to Turkey for ‘Hollywood smile surgery’ – it went horrifically wrong

A BEAUTY lover has issued a warning after the trip to get her teeth spruced up in Turkey went horribly wrong.

For those who want to achieve a Hollywood smile, Turkey has become the place to go – after all it’s up to 70 per cent cheaper than doing so in the UK.
The mum wanted to use the platform to raise

Not given proper freezing, the beauty lover was left in brutal pain

But one woman proved why it might be better to invest that little extra and get the pearly whites somewhere else, as she was left looking ”ugly” and crying her eyes out.

After finding a potential clinic for her new teeth and corresponding via WhatsApp, Amanda Turner decided to fly to Istanbul, Turkey where she’d get fresh crowns.

However, despite her excitement, things didn’t go too well, as she took to TikTok to share her horrifying story.

In a clip, which has since gone viral, racking up more than 82,000 views in just six days, Amanda revealed the shocking aftermath of the procedure.
With her teeth drilled down to extreme levels and having a sore patch on her lower lip, the woman claimed she was in a lot of discomfort.

”I can’t even move my face, it’s so, so sore,” a mortified Amanda said.

According to the Northern Irish beauty lover, she wasn’t given proper freezing – a crucial step before proceeding to remove a thin layer of enamel from your natural teeth.

This, she explained in the video, left her ”popping in pain” and in tears.
”I had to literally beg for more injections to numb me,” she wrote in the caption.

But it was only a short glimpse in what was yet to follow, as according to Amanda, the dentist touched his phone before putting fingers into her mouth, posing a high risk of contamination.
”I was saying it was sore and to stop and they were not stopped.”

After the mortifying appointment and left in excruciating pain, Amanda said she starved all week as she couldn’t eat properly.

By sharing her brutal experience on social media, Amanda said she hoped to make the beauty community ”aware of just how wrong this can go”.

”I should never have been left without temps and this is all playing a part in why I am in as much pain as I now am,” Amanda added, saying it’s simply ”not worth it”.

Not satisfied with the final results, she also inserted screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation between her and the clinic and also wrote a lengthy one-star review.

”I was under the impression that I would have each tooth individually fitted,” she said, adding it’s not at all what she had expected for the money she had forked out for the service.

Viewers were horrified, with many taking it to the comments to share their thoughts.

”I’m so sorry you qere duped like this. awful treatment treatment a complete abuse of the profession [sic],” said one person.
A professional in the industry urged: ”Avoid turkey or anywhere out of the country [sic]!!”

Someone else believed that Amanda was partially to blame for what she was now experiencing: ”Your first red flag would’ve been the fact that correspondence was via WhatsApp.”
The mum with her new pearly whites

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