Milk Benefits-Vitamins in Milk And Their Benefits


Milk is a healthy natural diet. Milk is a dilute mixture that consists mostly of water.


The amount of water in the milk

6-87% in cow’s milk, 81% in buffalo milk, 85.5% in goat’s milk ,88% in a woman’s milk But the fact remains that many other foods also contain large amounts of water.For example, apples are 85-9% in carrots, 86% in onions, 8-86% in potatoes, 7-74% in peaches, 90% in figs, 8-80% in bananas, 73-79% in pears and 86% in pears.89% in cabbage and 4-91% in French bean.

The amount of water in the milk


The amount of nutrients and protein in milk

Milk contains about 13% solids, 3-3% protein, 8-4% carbohydrates, 6-4% fat and 6-3% minerals and proteins. Adulthood is very important and is essential for physical repair in both children and adults.

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The importance of milk for bones

Milk Benefits For Bones : Milk is rich in calcium, which is important for strong bones and teeth, especially in babies. Adequate supply has also been achieved. Because the amount of iron in milk is very low, the required amount of iron has to be obtained from other sources such as vegetables, salads, grains and pulses.

The importance of milk for bones


Vitamins in milk and their benefits

Milk contains a number of vitamins, the most important of which are vitamin A and vitamin A deficiency. Lack of vitamin A in the diet can cause severe damage to the baby’s teeth before birth.Weak and sick children and adults who have poor digestion and who cannot get enough of the required amount of vitamin A from other foods should consume more milk to make up for the lack of vitamin D in milk. Although less than vitamin A.

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the diet. Deficiency of this vitamin makes the bones soft and deformed in children.Boiling milk or heating it properly does not reduce vitamin D. Tanned milk powder contains the same amount of vitamin D as fresh milk. The most important water-soluble vitamins in milk are: A and C B vitamins are lost by boiling milk.

Vitamins in milk and their benefits

Vitamin B deficiency causes beriberi. Vitamin B is present in relatively large amounts in human and animal milk. Boiling milk makes this vitamin unaffected. It is not reduced or lost. Vitamin B deficiency Inflammation in the cornea of ​​inflammation causes symptoms of intolerance to light and general weakness.

Vitamin C is found in a small amount in milk. Women’s milk contains five times more than cow’s milk. Putting it in a copper pot and boiling it and purifying it will reduce the amount of vitamin C in the gums. The flowers swell and bleed, the teeth become loose and weak, and there is anemia.

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