The warming winter recipes every Scot should know

Hot Toddy

A little ‘hug in a glass’, this traditional drink is enjoyed across Scotland at winter time and is considered a great way to battle a cold – as well as tasting delicious.

Traditional recipe for a Hot Toddy
What you’ll need:

• 35ml of blended Scotch whisky (we prefer using a non-peated premium blend but peated whisky works just as well and gives the drink an entirely different taste, so it can be fun to try)

• 1 tbsp Honey

• 100ml – 200ml of boiling water

• cloves

• One lemon

• Sugar


• a stick of cinnamon

• star anise

• a handled glass (as shown in the picture above)

How to make it:

Should you not be a fan of whisky, then substitute in a spirit of your choice such as Scottish gin or even a spiced rum for a very different take.

1. Cut the lemon in half then cut a 1/2 inch slice from one of the halves, put to one side.

2. Dust a plate with a thin coat of sugar, then rim the glass you intend to use with one of the halves of lemon to wet the rim with lemon juice. Then turn the glass upside down and place the rim into the sugar to dust the glass.

3. Pour the whisky into the glass, then add the honey.

4. Add the boiling water, obviously adding a larger amount will dilute the taste so we recommend 150ml, so the glass is only 3/4’s full, but how much you wish to add is up to you.

5. Add a few cloves, then squeeze the juice from one half of the lemon into the glass and stir.

6. Optional – add a stick of cinnamon or some star anise for an extra hit of flavour.

7. Cut the lemon slice in half, adding one to the glass and using the other to garnish. Alternatively ‘pin’ several of the cloves to one of the half slices and add the slice at step 5.

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