These 14 rare photos that can’t be explained

There are some such pictures in the history of the world, the secret of which has not been solved till now.

We Collect these picture for you, see it and tell us. Are they full of curiosity or not?

1. Babushka Lady
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When JFK was assassinated in 1963, most in attendance understandably ducked for cover as shots rang out. But in several photos taken that day, this mysterious woman appears to be taking photos of the action. The FBI searched for her identity and photos but nothing has ever been uncovered.

2. Solway Firth Spaceman
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In 1964 (apparently the 60s were a prime decade for mystery!), a father took a nice photo of his daughter in a field. They were alone. But when the film was developed, what appears to be an astronaut appeared behind the young girl. Kodak experts even examined the film and photo to make sure it had never been tampered with—it hadn’t.

3.Copper Falling Body
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Very little is known about this photo, except that the Copper family took a family photo in their new home and when it was developed they discovered a dark man falling from the ceiling. The horror!

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