20 Celebrities Who Have Aged So Badly

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Celebrities are supposed to age gracefully, becoming more attractive with wrinkles and gray hair. Why? They afford healthy diets particularly planned for them, and access to the best health care and beauty treatments. In fact, many celebrities don’t age. 1. Donatella Versace 2. Melanie Griffith 3. Mickey Rourke 4. Keith Richards

12 People With Unique Body Features

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Each of us is unique in our own ways. Everyone is different. We all think, talk, learn, pray, and live differently than others. However, some people don’t like standing out from the throng. 1. I was born with short ring fingers. It looks like I have two pinkies. I’m not sure if I even have … Read more

These 14 rare photos that can’t be explained

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There are some such pictures in the history of the world, the secret of which has not been solved till now. We Collect these picture for you, see it and tell us. Are they full of curiosity or not? 1. Babushka Lady When JFK was assassinated in 1963, most in attendance understandably ducked for cover … Read more

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